Courageously Uncomfortable

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How many more surface conversations over hazelnut lattes are we going to have before we can finally say out loud, “I’m actually not fine!”

If you feel plagued with insecurity and driven by fear, if you spend too much of your time comparing yourself to others but never quite measure up, if you crave genuine conversation without the fear of being judged for current struggles or past mistakes – if this is you, you’re not alone. 

  • You're Un-qualified; you will never be good enough.
  • You're Un-Gifted; other women are so much more talented than you will ever be, so why even try?
  • You're Un-Capable; your past is full of deep regrets. What will people think if they know the truth?
  • You're Un-Lovely; you should take your flaws and shrink back to the sidelines where you belong.

Praise for Lisa’s Best Selling Book, Courageously Uncomfortable

“I had intended to read 1 or 2 Chapters a day…13 later and finished, I felt so much of me in your story. Thanks for your honestly truth and courage”
Barbara S
“Lisa’s book is one of the best books I have read! I cried, I laughed and I gained so much wisdom!”
Paula R
“Curl up on the sofa for an afternoon. Be prepared to laugh, cry and feel comforted knowing we (women) have all struggled with the same thoughts of self-doubt, comparison and dreams we push to the back of our mind due to fear. Fear no more! Lisa brings scripture for back up, advice through experiences and wisdom to break the chains of your past to break free from negative thoughts and go for your dreams! I have gifted her book to 3 friends! Yes, its that good!!”
Darla G
“Lisa is so motivating and encouraging. I felt like this book was speaking straight to my heart, as her words were so relatable. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone and start living the life God has planned for me”
Ashley B
“Once you start reading it, you do not want to put it down! This book will touch your heart and it may step on your toes, like it did mine! I have allowed myself to stay too comfortable too many times! Thank you Lisa for your ministry to women of all ages!”
Fay H