Courageously Uncomfortable



How many more surface conversations over hazelnut lattes are we going to have before we can finally say out loud, “I’m actually not fine!”

If you feel plagued with insecurity and driven by fear, if you spend too much of your time comparing yourself to others but never quite measure up, if you crave genuine conversation without the fear of being judged for current struggles or past mistakes—if this is you, you’re not alone. That voice that calls you a fraud? Yep, we have it, too. That voice says:

• You’re Un-Qualified; you will never be good enough.
• You’re Un-Gifted; other women are so much more talented than you will ever be, so why even try?
• You’re Un-Capable; your past is full of deep regrets. What will people think if they know the truth?
• You’re Un-Lovely; you should take your flaws and shrink back to the sidelines where you belong.

In Courageously Uncomfortable, Lisa Goins calls us to step out of a life that’s comfortable and into the life God intended for you to live. She shares the journey from battered, broken, and insecure to forgiveness, acceptance of self, and trust in God’s plan. This is the journey we are all called to walk, together. Staying trapped in a comfortable place of hiding the truth—whether it’s a past full of hurt, shame, and regret, or current difficult circumstances—is keeping us from accomplishing what God has placed us in this world to do. It’s time for us to learn the steps we can take to find our courage, face our fears, and show up as the beautiful women God intended us to be. If we are going to allow God to accomplish anything worthwhile through us, even the smallest of something, we might have to be (courageously) uncomfortable


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