Speaking Topics

Lisa can easily adjust her messages to fit your event topic or theme; she is happy to work with you to create the perfect message for your women’s event.

This message coincides with Lisa’s new book that is about to launch.
Lisa tackles the ever so common problem of how we look good on the outside, coming to church in our coordinated outfits and cute shoes. But inside, we’re not fine. And we don’t want anyone to know. We stay safely tucked away in our comfort zone where we feel safe because we are afraid if people knew who we were and the shame, regret, embarrassment, they’d know we’re a fraud. But by following four women in the lineage of Christ, we can learn how to be courageously uncomfortable, to step into all that God has for us, to allow Him to use us, and to create real community with those around us.
*Squad Goals is the perfect companion to this topic for multiple service events.
Life is better when we do it together. Lisa’s uses the 4 women in the lineage of Christ and the characteristics they model as real life examples of the Squad you need in your life. This message covers the common problem of isolation and how it’s keeping women hidden from showing up real, problems and all and from creating the deep relationships we were all meant to have with each other. You are the missing link to someone’s Squad!
This message is great on its own or is the perfect addition to a multiple service retreat format with Courageously Uncomfortable.

This can be a place of confusion for all of us; we pray and then what? When is the answer coming, where will it come from and How will I know its from Him? It’s a practical and heartfelt approach to your actions related to hearing from God and believing in the directions He is setting for your life.


All women have been uniquely created and designed for a purpose and sometimes we all need this reminder. Stop comparing and start trusting that God has gifted you in your own unique way. Trust the process of what He is doing in you, for you and through you for the benefit of others. Its time for us to realize we need to offer up what we have, no matter how small it seems, because there is someone in your portion of the world that is waiting for you to show up. 

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