The Unpastors Wife Pt. 2

As a little girl I loved watching Miss America. I was mesmerized by all the glitter and sparkle and shiny evening gowns, as the contestants seemed to float across the runway, smiling and waving at the crowd. They had beauty and talent and I wanted to be that girl. I dreamed of standing on a stage in my beautiful blue ball gown and just as the announcer was about to put the diamond studded crown on my head I heard the words… if for some reason you are unable to fulfill your duties the crown will go to the runner up…

Wait, that’s not a dream. That’s my real life, well except the part about the diamond crown and blue ball gown and beauty and that talent thing. When I became a Pastor’s wife it became pretty clear I was not qualified for the job. Somehow my husband had managed to marry the only woman who had zero talent for the title and my past, just wait until they uncover what I’ve hidden behind my smile…

We’re sorry, this girl is unable to fulfill her duties…and just like that, stripped of the title, I officially became The Un-Pastor’s Wife.

Un-Capable. Un-Qualified. Un-Talented

I wore these names like I had been crowned the winner. A sash of inadequacy and a crown of fear became my platform. I nurtured them and made sure they were always at the forefront of my life. They became my well-worn excuses for not showing up. I remained safely in my comfort zone slowly convincing myself that all the things I had dreamed of accomplishing were just that, dreams. And every time I would get the urge to step out that voice in my head would remind me that I was afraid, it will be uncomfortable and people will find out about the REAL me and then what? Shame, regret, embarrassment, No Thanks. Sit back down in that comfort zone Lisa, it’s where you belong.

It’s a trap. And I stayed in it for years. The enemy is the ultimate creator of comfort zones because he knows

Your comfort zone is the place where your dreams go to die.

But God! He knows your God given potential and purpose lie just steps outside of your comfort zone.

And you are just a few steps away from Un-Stoppable! 

Can we take these steps together? I know its hard, like matching all the socks in the laundry kind of hard, but its worth it. The world is waiting for the REAL you to show up, every imperfect, broken and beautiful part of you because it’s never to late to BE what you might have become, believe me I know. It’s time to grab that dream and take the leap. Stay on this journey with me as I share how the Un-Pastor’s Wife became the most amazing title I have ever worn:)